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Subscribe to a single region of Virtual Plan Room and “shop” all the other regions free of charge!

Simply login to your regional subscription for complete coverage of projects bidding in your service region, then click on regions outside your service area to see a CAM VIRTUAL FREE VIEW list of other projects you may be qualified to bid as well. Subscribe to only those projects that interest you.

CAM VIRTUAL FREE VIEW provides basic project information (project name, location and due date only) and a list of document sections and the number of associated files (Plans) for all the projects reported by CAM.

For complete details, including a list of bidders and access to the bid documents for projects outside your region, simply “upgrade” your subscription on a project–by–project basis for the low cost of $49.95 per project.

Project List

Get complete information on projects located in your service region, then click any on other region and see a list of projects currently being reported by CAM in other regions.

Your CAM VIRTUAL FREE VIEW list includes the actual title of the project as named by the plan issuer, the bid date and time; location of the project and whether or not the projects have bidding documents attached, including addenda.

If there are Addenda associated with this project, click on the TITLE to see the Project Details page and VIEW to see the Documents Tab that lists sheets and sections by name.


Example Project List

Project Detail

Click on the Project Title to see the PROJECT DETAILS page for more information about the project.

Review project information such as title, bid date and time, estimated cost, project location and type, category of work, and scope of work.

If the project meets your bidding objectives, simply “Upgrade” to access other important information, including notes, pre-bid meeting and site visit information; and detailed contact information for project stakeholders including the owner, design team, and contractors who are bidding the project.



Example Project Details

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